Going Back…

Patrick on Salt Shaker asks, “how do you fit in when you get back?”

The answer is, you don’t really.

Sure your body returns to home base and maybe even goes back everyday to the same job. Your mind however remains onboard or at least some of your grey cells do.

It catches you when you least expect it. You’re back in the routine charging around the city running 20 errands waiting impatiently for a light to turn green, when a slight breeze ruffles your hair and boom, you’re in the cockpit feeling the breeze on your neck deciding if it’s time to tack. A whiff of wind, a ray of sunshine warming your feet, the scent of an orange, little bits of memory that transport you back to the cruising life. With that little jog of memory you smile and relax, and mellow back into cruising mode. When your eyes open you’re still on land, in the car, in a meeting, in the supermarket, but you’re not really there because you will always be at least partially in cruiser mode. It’s a good thing.

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