scratch ‘n sniff glass beads?

i have a thing for flowers. i love flowers. one day i will live in a tropical place – the sort of place where you throw your peach pit on the ground and the next day you are hacking back the peach tree with a machete. my house will be white and covered in bouganvillea and the garden will be filled with giant flowers in screaming wild hysterical colours. and of course the flowers will fill the air with heavy perfume. and i will have a hedge of honeysuckle just like the one i came across in a back alley today. the advantage to biking around is the chance to really smell the seasons. around midday i hopped on my bike to do a post office run, actually to mail a daisy necklace to a customer… more flowers, a coincidence? i think not… and on my way i ducked into a back alley. as my wheel rounded the corner into the alley my nose twitched, my brain itched, my bike slowed to a crawl. there to my side was an 8′ wall of honeysuckle oozing sweetness. i swooned, face planted in the wall i breathed that honeysuckle deep into the primordial centre of my being. while not being the brightest colour of flower honeysuckle wins hands down on the scent contest. if only i could make scratch ‘n sniff glass beads…

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