i want to make a series of glass beads in the colours of the sky, specifically the colours of the sky as a really big really nasty storm passes through. all afternoon the sky was an intense blue, a hurt your eyes it’s so bright lovely bright blue. not a cloud to be seen just screaming blue.
late afternoon some wispy white appeared, high up and moving fast. a blue bead with streaks of white. next came the thickening of those wisps to the point where the blue was as Rosie from Idaho says “just enough blue to make a cat a pair of pajamas with”. the clouds became dense and grey. did you ever stop and think about how many shades of grey there are? the clouds went from a pearlescent white/grey to a threatening gun-metal grey in a matter of minutes. i looked down and looked up. on the horizon was a dividing line of black. when you see a black line marching towards you you turn and run for cover. just before the black line was overhead the wind swept through at about 50 km an hour with a chill that ran down my spine. trees snap backwards and leaves spin skyward. the raindrops began, platter size at first, giant wet polka dots on the hot and dusty ground, then the deluge and the sky was no longer interesting because it was invisible.

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