Snacks! Zoe!

Last weekend there was a major street festival outside my studio front door. It’s called the Taste of the Danforth and it’s one of my FAVOURITE festivals. It’s about food people! Food everywhere! The street is closed to traffic and all the cafes and restaurants put barbeques and tables outside. About 750,000 people show up to snack. What could be better than this?

How much work did I get done? Well…. I opened my front door directly into a beer tent. Then there was just way too many tasty little nibbles to check out.

And as I wandered I ran into Zoe! Zoe is a catalina macaw parrot and she is gorgeous! Zoe was my inspiration for my Macaw series.

Heck of a weekend.

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One Response to “Snacks! Zoe!”
  1. Helen says:

    I hope Zoe managed to stay away from the barbecues. She looks tasty!

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