spam spam spam spam (sing along now)

dear everyone who’s awaiting an email from me,

sorry i haven’t responded, i tried, i really did. on wednesday afternoon i sent a whack of emails out and to my surprise they all bounced back with a “failure” notice. huh? apparently has been black-flagged as a spammer and no server will accept email from me.

me? a spammer? seriously, get real, like i have time to send spam! have the powers that be who decide these things not seen my to do list? between torching, sailing, cleaning jewelry, re-designing my booth, standing in a booth and doing my taxes they think i have time to send spam. obviously they have never owned a small business. as if. my service provider has applied to have me taken off the list and i hope to be able to send out within 48 hours. however at that point i’ll be in my booth in london (and the show goes until 11 p.m), so, i should be back in touch on monday afternoon. and honestly i’m going to spend next week updating the online store. promise.

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