Another tough day. When we first started sailing I thought everyone else was a raving alcoholic. It was drinks on this boat, drinks with your neighbours, drinks with anyone passing by. The idea is that by sundown your anchor should be set and everything ship shape. You can’t see what you’re doing after dark, this is a safety factor. So as the day winds down, so do you. That last dying bit of the day is for reflection and conversation. Pour yourself a drink (and it doesn’t have to be alcoholic). Sit. Chat. Take the time to discuss what you did. If you tried something new, discuss how it went. If you perhaps snapped at your crew, now is the time to say sorry. Meet your fellow cruisers and talk about your journeys. A little friendly conversation goes a long way. Watch the sunset and realize that life is good.

this is one of my sunset series, or more like walking on the sun, so many oranges and yellows. next season’s sunset series will have a little of the late sunset pinks and reds swirled in.
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