swirls? lollipops?

 Yay! They work! Consistently! So new they aren’t yet in the shop. These debuted on the weekend at the Beaches Arts and Crafts show and they were warmly welcomed. That made me happy because they are super fun to make (which explains why I have about 100 of them sitting here in a rainbow of colours). 
I started off thinking of them as flowers, roses, however they are in some distinctly non-rose like colours such as lime. This weekend they went out as colour swirls. They’re like my colour dots, 3 on a chain, designed to be mix and match so that you can wear one or two or three. 
The first kid to walk into the booth saw them and screamed “oooh, lollipops!” I like that name for them but I also like swirls. 
I’m torn, what do you think, are they swirls or are they lollipops? 

They’ll be in the online shop by the end of the week whatever they are named. 

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  1. They are definitely swirls! These are great

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