take a deep breath…

one of the last tasks, load up my ipod with cool audio books. turn on the ipod and…

OH NO!!!!!

it’s blank. nothing. nada. WHERE IS THE HAPPY LITTLE APPLE SMILEY FACE?????

i can’t live without this ipod! ARGH. especially when travelling, absolutely everything is on here, all music, books, my life! i need this to make jewellery, to make glass beads, to drive to florida, to sail around, QUICK run to the nearest ipod doctor! fast!

2 hours later … apparently ipod batteries aren’t indestructible. they last approximately 400 charges, and since my baby is 4 years old i’m sure i’ve gone through them. also be warned, ipods do not like cold, never leave an ipod in a car overnight if you live in a freezer. after a reset (press the centre and the top at the same time) my baby came back to life long enough to accept a plug-in. i know the battery is on the last legs so until it can be replaced i’ll plug in at all times. keep your fingers crossed, it’s still alive. i’m saved.

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