that will be…

“is that in dollars?” says customer/browser in my booth.
well let’s see… we are in canada and i know i haven’t read the newspaper much lately but i think we’re still using dollars.
however i have the itch to travel lately so i think about it. maybe i can start stockpiling some foreign coin in anticipation of a much coveted travel location. let’s see… 45 Australian dollars could come in handy, that’s the equivalent of $43.34 CDN, or New Zealand dollars, oh only $33.97 CDN. I’d love to go to India but 45 rupees is only $1.105 CDN. I’ll take 45 Euros – $72.63 CDN, that would cover me for France, Spain and Greece, all on my desired destination list. How about 45 UK pounds, that’s $91.68 CDN! or 45 Bahamian, $46.78 CDN. And while I really want to go to Thailand, don’t even think about buying the pendant for 45 Thai Baht, that’s only $1.38.
so for now, yes, that’s in dollars.
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