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Much as my life looks like oodles and oodles of fun, what I do is actually a business. As a bit of a sideline I teach small business workshops for aspiring jewelry designers at Beadfx ( I actually really like the business aspect of my world and I love small business, or as I call it, micro businesses. One of the hardest parts of my little business is that I have no real deadlines, and I am all about deadlines. I work best the night before a deadline, some of my best pieces are made at 2 a.m. the night before the One of a Kind show. However if I as an employee don’t make the deadline, then I as a boss am the only one who really knows. Well now I have a deadline! A real one where I am accountable to someone other than me! Every Saturday I will be guest blogging over on – The Beadiful Life. I’m blogging about small business and craft shows. If you’re interested, grab a beverage and join in the fun! Since today was my first post and it’s all about the new Harmonized Sales Tax you might want to make that a strong caffeinated beverage!

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