the creative colour challenge

As you know, colour is not something I shy away from. As far as I’m concerned it can never be bright enough. It is for this reason that I will be participating in the Creative Colour Challenge for the month of August. Every week, Louise – the host of the challenge – will post a colour and those participating play. At the end of the week we’ll all post our photos on Flikr. Here’s the hard part, you can only use that one colour, along with black and white. ONE colour!!! ONE. Now that is going to be a challenge.
The first challenge goes up August 1. Stay tuned.


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2 Responses to “the creative colour challenge”
  1. Kerri says:

    ok, seriously– i have to check this out. you are now the 4th blogger that has mentioned it this week that i’ve visited!

    have fun with it! and maybe i’ll see u there!

  2. We seem to be the only Canadians on the list for the challenge so far so I thought I’d pop over and say hello! :) I’m so excited! This should be fun!

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