the destruction of a town

I have a soft spot for Goderich Ontario. I’ve exhibited at the Arts and Crafts show there since I first began making jewelry. From the very first the town has been supportive of me. It was the first place I had “regulars”, people who came back year after year to see what was new and collect another piece of Sailorgirl Jewelry. I know everyone by name, people meet at my booth. We catch up on each others lives. It’s such a nice friendly town. The Shriners have a fish fry on Friday night and the Rotary club has a book sale on Saturday. The church sells cupcakes as a fundraiser and there’s a farmers market on Saturday. It’s the sort of show that makes me love my job. 

On August 21, 2011 an F3 tornado ripped through the town of Goderich. It swept through the central square decimating heritage buildings and demolishing the prettiest town square around. I’ve seen post-hurricane damage so I was prepared but all I can say is wow. I knew there were no trees left in the park, but when I got there all I could think was “there’s NO TREES!!!” They are rebuilding slowly, it will take years. In the spirit of moving on the show was relocated and for me it was as fun as always. Everyone came out to support the artists. It was as normal, just without any trees.

 Last year this had a lovely bandstand on it. There were avenues of trees along the paths providing shade. My booth was here. 

The new location was a few blocks away in the school yard. To support the town I ate at the Shriners fish fry (totally yummy), picked up a bunch of books at the book sale and did my fair share of cupcakes. How fantastic is it when cupcakes show up in your booth while you sit in the sun and chat with friends? It was a weekend where I spent every minute thinking how much I love my job. 

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