the night before

if it wasn’t for deadlines nothing would ever get done. at least not in my world. tomorrow is opening day of the One of a Kind spring show! argh! one of the things about glass is that there are a bazillion possibilities. so i have a bazillion ideas in my head when i sit down to make beads. i see the final jewelry piece in my head but after a couple of beads i see several other pieces. so i make those beads too. and then those beads give me ideas for different beads which will be different pieces of jewelry. and it keeps going round and round. so i end up with oodles of beads and not enough time to make the jewelry. and then those beads roll around on my table and suggest different things altogether.

and sometimes i just like to pile all my pretties up and play with them.

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  1. Allie says:

    your pretties are very pretty

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