this is work? part 1

the ottawa folk fest, it’s an experience. i haven’t done a lot of folk festivals, let me tell you, they’re different from regular arts and craft shows. it was not an auspicious beginning:

the skies opened up as I pulled into britannia park. so i thought, i could get stressed or i could not. and being a folk festival i put my mellow vibe on and decided not stress. so as the rain poured down i sat in my car and read a book. and waited. and the skies cleared.

it was a beautiful weekend, clear skies, great music, great food, great fun. seriously, it was the best food i’ve had at a show EVER! the lentil shepherds pie from the green door restaurant absolutely rocked! with a green bean salad, totally yummy. it was real food. you might wonder why i rave on but if you spend every weekend standing under a tent debating on whether you should have another smog dog or maybe a sack of kettle corn you would understand. the only vegetables usually seen at shows would be the onions on a hot dog. and the absolute ace in the show, the truck from bridgehead coffee. bridgehead is an independent fair trade coffee chain in ottawa. they have a truck. it has a full on espresso machine in it. iced lattes! fresh! real! and to go with it, they have an oven in the truck and make cookies! there i was in my booth with an iced latte and a gooey fresh from the oven dark chili chocolate cookie, i thought i had died and gone to crafters heaven.

add in some great music and i have to pinch myself and think, hot damn, this is my job, i’m working right now. here’s the view from my booth. i heard bruce cockburn, joel plaskett, amy millan, kinnie starr and the good lovelies. really? this is work? really and truly?

i love my job.

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