time lapse

I was playing with yet another new iPhone app just before I left Toronto. Time Lapse. Great idea, put your iPhone on a tripod and it shoots an image at whatever time interval you set, add the time you want the final video to be and Poof! a time lapse video! Great concept. If you can leave your phone on a tripod long enough, like a few hours.

I was thinking of setting it up today, as I took few minutes break and lay down staring at the clouds whizzing by. Boy they were really moving. And I lay there. For 5 minutes. Then 10 more. Then almost an hour went by. And I decided that I don’t really want to do a time lapse video.

Most of my life feels like I’m living in time lapse. You know, that feeling when everything is superspeeded up? And we’re all waving our arms around and running fast? I do enough of that. I don’t want to show you super-speedy. I want to show you the time when I stop to breathe, to look at the flowers and the clouds. To really see something, and not just for 4 seconds at a time.

I worked hard today but when I took a break I just lay there and didn’t feel guilty about it. And I have nothing to show you except a single still photo of a cloud, not even the best cloud in the world. But a cloud that I truly saw.

What did you see today?

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