time to be Sailorgirl

I went for a walk yesterday and saw this:
and i dreamt of this

We should finish our half done bathroom reno. I should build more jewelry inventory. I should build up my online store, finish my book, write those 3 e-books and code that e-course.
Should is a bad word. It makes me feel like a little kid, scuffing my shoes in a corner while being scolded. Rather than “should” I will use “could”. We could finish our bathroom reno and I could work on the business. Now I’m not obligated, I have a choice. And I choose to go out and live life. The bathroom will get done whenever and the business can be put on a different track for a while. Life is short, if I’m obligated to do anything at all it’s to live life as fully as I can and be the happiest person I can be.
After all, what’s Sailorgirl Jewelry if I don’t go and be Sailorgirl for a while?
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  1. Kerri says:

    yes, we should try to avoid that word should. it takes away all the fun doesn’t it?!

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