time to feed the senses

my brain is buzzing, like a hummingbird ideas flit through my head, land briefly and are replaced by more. my hands can’t keep up, i can’t write or sketch fast enough. so i don’t. i take some time to open my eyes, my ears, my mind and i wander about town. and dammit, don’t i forget my camera. sometimes words are better. i carry a notebook and pen and jot down thought bites.
i clip clop along warm brown cobblestones at the distillery district. rich red brown bricks, rectangular lines. flower boxes of blue lobelia and nasturiums. blue blue sky and intense sunshine. i’m thinking a lot about the sky lately. more than usual. today there’s no clouds. that’s been rare lately in toronto, a summer of clouds. clouds are good though, interesting shapes and sizes. i’ve been studying greys, silvers, cloud shapes… and flying. rocket ships, space ships, i like the shapes. retro rocket ships from old sci fi movies. i stop in the sandra ainsley glass gallery, oh drool. there’s a glass table on display that i so covet, 4 inches thick with slab legs, it’s like water. the texture is of ripples on water, clear clear water. i want. and more bubbles, and rings, circles, 60’s pop art pops into my brain, i see straight lines and think of a mess of spaghetti and how it all bends and flows, and how to make spaghetti beads, i bike and feel the wind in my hair, green grass, and grasses in the park, tall serengetti grasses like africa, africa – tribal patterns, dots, rich sahara sand reds and golds, i love deserts they are so intense… cold iced latte where i watch the condensation run down the cup and drip onto the table, water droplets so clear puddling onto marble table, sweet sweet custard tarts caramelized on top and rich eggy yellow inside such a pretty yellow more gold really… wander along at night to the beaches jazz festival, closed street and a band every 50 feet, people dancing on the street, big bands playing blues, jazz, r&b, i want to wail away on a guitar and lose myself in the rythym, i settle for swaying and tapping my feet… thousands of people join in and we smile and sway and dance under a starry sky… stars shine in a velvet sky guiding the spaceships into landing… oh there’s so much to feel… and think… let it all in… go with the flow and enjoy every nanosecond of it….

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