Time to Make!!!

Um… people… I hate to mention this… as of today…

it’s only 3 months to Christmas!!!!!!!

More importantly, it’s only 2 months until the One of a Kind starts!!!! 2 months today!!!!

Deep breath…

Okay, I am officially in make/panic mode. This is very different from panic/make mode. Make/panic means that I can look at what I currently have, play around with ideas, goof around with designs with only a smidge of panic in sight. In about 5 weeks I move into panic/make meaning that I realize “OMG I don’t have enough work! I don’t have enough NEW work” and I stay up until the wee hours of the morning producing a bazillion beads.

This weekend is for one of my favourite tasks, playing with beads. I’ve cleaned off my assembly table and tidied my studio. Everything is in it’s place. Put on music, make a pot of tea and drool over all my pretties. Sometimes I just so LOVE my job!!!

the beginning of the madness…

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