to market
zut alors! the market! we went to the marche bastille along rue richard-lenoir. oh mon dieu. the cry of “un euro” still rings in my ears. un euro for a kilo of the best white nectarines i have ever had. un euro for the the most colourful, freshest, tastiest fruit and veggies i have ever seen. real food. wedges of pumpkin like giant smiles. tiny fresh cantaloups. fish stands where every single muscle, winkle and scallop are examined and discussed before being bought. wine stands. bread still steaming. this my friends is jewelry and bead inspiration. the colours, oh mon dieu. and a market where i can have a plate of oysters and a glass of wine? alongside several other people also snacking while discussing which beach the oysters are from? the freshest, loveliest oyster ever. 

and oh, les fleurs. huge bouquets of stunning flowers. discussions of where you will be placing the flowers in order to choose the most appropriate. is it for a brunch table or a foyer? 

to top off the experience, a true hurdy-gurdy!!! people in the crowd who knew the old songs sang along. there were berets. there were children dancing. there was an acrobat (i’ll get his picture next week). totally cliche and oh so fabulous. 

and of course the pastry of the day. a chocolate eclair for me, a cassis macaron for helen. bliss. 

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