Greetings from the west/grey coast! Sailorgirl Jewelry is on the road, woohoooo! Here’s the convention centre where I’ll be exhibiting next week. 

I came out a couple of days early to hang with friends and family and wander around. Vancouver is such a pretty city. Everyone talks about how grey and rainy it is, well in my past 3 trips here it’s always been sunny and nice. I thought people were just exaggerating. Now I get it. Wow, when it’s grey it’s really grey! The clouds are so low! and the fog is rolling in. Still, the leaves are turning and the red and yellow leaves look gorgeous against all the grey. I love fall, now I have a few days to kick leaves and stare into space. 

Next week I’ll be setting up at the Circle Craft Christmas Market in the Vancouver Convention Centre West. Wednesday Nov 7 – Sunday Nov 11. I’m looking forward to this, it’s a really great show. And seeing all my crafty friends from out west will be so much fun! 

In the meantime, I think we’ll drive through Stanley Park to see some nice big trees. Hopefully the rain will stop and I can walk along the beach. 

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