water water everywhere

you turn on a tap and water gushes out. did you ever stop and wonder where that water comes from? in our case the water comes from a tank hidden under the v-berth (that’s the bed in the pointy end of the boat). we don’t turn on a tap, we use pumps, it makes you far more aware of how much water you’re using when you have to pump. also using pumps means that we don’t have to deal with electrical pumps for pressure faucets. less things to break. so how does the water get into the tank? when we are at a dock we can fill the tank with a hose. when we aren’t at a dock we use jerry jugs. just about every dinghy has a permanent blue jug in it so we can score water when ever possible. jerry jugs are sold in universally coded colours, blue is water only. that way you don’t accidently pour gasoline into your water tank. here’s a water station. drive your dinghy up, fill your jugs, drive back to your boat, pour the water from the jug into your tank through the deck fill spout. a 5 gallon jug of water weighs 50 pounds. who needs to go to a gym when you can haul 50 pounds of water around just so that you can brush your teeth?

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