We have a winner!

fire opal earrings by sailorgirl jewelry

Way back in my last newsletter (have I mentioned how sorry I am that I missed a couple?) I told you that I was debating on creating work based on birthstones. And I asked for your opinions. What was your birthstones and did you wear it? Muchas gracias for all your responses, SO enlightening to read! On the whole the idea is a good one, most of you do wear your birthstones. I have put this on my list of “things to make in 2015″. Now I’ll just have to experiment with getting the colours right and what to make…

In a completely random draw Wendy Sewell, wins a pair of fire opal earrings. Wendy’s birthstone is amethyst although she’s not that fond of it.

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One Response to “We have a winner!”
  1. Wendy Sewell says:

    Is this by any chance me? I don’t think I got an email but that’s my name, my birthstone and the way I feel about it. :). Fingers crossed! These are GORGEOUS!

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