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life is a beach necklace by sailorgirl jewelry

Over the past 6 shows one of the most frequent things I’ve heard is “oh, you have so much new work!” Why yes I do. It’s because I did that 30/30 challenge in May. I did promise you a blog post as a follow up to that, stay tuned, it’s not written yet.  (Did I mention I’ve been busy with shows?) For the June giveaway I asked you to comment on your favourites and thank you to all who wrote in! Much appreciated. I know which ones were my favourites however this is one of those times where it’s not all about me. There were a couple of clear winners and those will be in the permanent collection (which are not yet on the website because I keep selling them before I can get a really good photo!). There are a lot of other favourites which will be in the limited edition collection. I also really appreciated the comments that told me things like, “love this, can you make it in a different colour?” Your feedback is incredibly important to me, please feel free to comment at any point in time!

In a random draw the winner for the June giveaway is Samantha Thomas! She wins one of my Life is a Beach necklaces! Yay! Samantha’s favourite is the Fading Sky pendant, the most popular piece from the challenge.

fading sky pendant by sailorgirl jewelry

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