we have a winner!

OK, I learnt a lesson with last months contest. Since it was Halloween I thought we should discuss candy. That was a mistake. Do you know how many extra kms I had to run after that contest? With the exception of a few votes for jelly beans (I don’t like them) and Michelle who voted for horehound which smells vaguely like Buckleys (gag) every other vote made me run out to the store and eat more delicious candy. Many voted for candy that reminded them of being a kid and there happens to be a retro candy store across the road from my studio. Oops.

And this months winner is Margaret Gould! Margaret voted for English Butter Toffee and she very kindly sent me the recipe!!! I LOVE toffee. Fortunately I haven’t had the time to make it yet. It’s on my list. Margaret, you win your choice of earrings!!!

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