we have a winner!

Well you made me laugh with your answers for the September contest! I asked you which piece of sailorgirl jewelry would you like to have with you if you were shipwreckd on a desert island. You are smart people my friends, the majority of you said you’d take my Pirate Coin necklace, “in case I find natives I can trade it as money for coconuts and bananas!” (Sandy). I laughed at Michelle’s answer, “I’d take the Sailboat necklace so that I could leave the island”.

I do love Nicole’s answer, “I think it would have to be the first necklace I ever bought from you. I’ve worn it almost every day since i was 14! Its just a simple dark blue pendent with little bits of silver in it. It reminded me of the islands back then, and today it still does. So even though I was on an desert island, the necklace would remind me that I’m in a paradise.”

And the winner (chosen by random number) is Pat Sisson!!! Pat would like to have any colourful piece to make her smile. Colour I can do Pat. Your pirate coin is on it’s way to you!
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