we have a winner!

It might be the outrageously hot weather, however I think we’re just of like minds. We can talk food for hours. The flood gates opened when I asked you your favourite ice cream flavours. Few of you could nail it down to a single flavour, but the hands down favourite is pralines and cream. Tiger tail, jamoca almond fudge and maple walnut all came in with several votes. You know what wasn’t voted on? Chocolate!

Picked by random number the winner of the summer bubble pendant is Jen Cazabon whose favourite is peanut butter and chocolate, with a twist – “the key is a double scoop on a waffle cone with rainbow sherbert on top”. Jen also posted the contest on Facebook earning herself an extra entry! Congrats Jen!

As to my favourite? Currently I’m into gelato thanks to Dolce Gelato a block from the studio. I alternate between a double of passionfruit and mango (SO pretty!) or a double of chocolate and dulce de leche. I can also highly recommend the Presidents Choice Caramel bars, and they’re on the blue menu so they don’t count!

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