we have a winner – february 2011!

Elegant, that’s the word several of you used to describe your favourite flower – the tulip (natures prozac according to Stephanie). Second choice is the gerbera, thanks to your emails I now know that the gerbera is from South Africa; wow, my newsletter is both entertaining and educational! (Not a subscriber yet? Click the button at the top left of this screen to receive my fabulous monthly newsletter, eye candy and facts!)

And our winner this month is Ann Divitt! Not only is the gerbera her favourite flower, Ann is driving a Smart car that has decals of the gerbera all over the sides!!! How cool is that? Personally I adore the Smart car, and a Smart car covered in flowers is just the cutest thing I can imagine. I did love Sandy’s story about making dolls out of hollyhock blossoms.
Photo courtesy of Sandy MacKinlay.
And I love Matha’s answer of wanting “an enormous, gigantic, humongous bouquet of all of them together, greeting me when I wake up on the next dreary grey day”. Several of you chastised me for making you pick just one. I agree, one day I’ll have a huge garden with every flower possible in it. Flowers make me happy.
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