when lunch gives you advice
today was a maintenance day. recently when booting up my computer i was presented with that big blank blue screen that says something like, “blah blah blah serious system failure blah blah blah fat 32 blah blah blah you’re screwed if you didn’t back up.”

and that must be what it feels like to have a heart attack. there’s a clenching in your middle, a twisting of your intestines when you realize that all of your files, records, photos, music are sitting in a sliver of metal the size of a potato chip and could at this moment be chewed up by a malignant cyber worm.

so today was a maintenance day. i now posess a shiny new (blue!) external hard drive which has a complete record of my electronic life. and thanks to 6 hours of debugging and cursing i appear to be virus free. huge sigh of relief. huge waste of time.

not wanting to lose the momentum lunch was a quick run to the local noodle house. and that’s when the cosmic gods shot me today’s message. nagged by a fortune cookie.

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