where did the colours go?

The last month has been a colour soaked play day for me. I’ve ignored dumb administrivia tasks, I’ve ignored cleaning up, I’ve ignored any boring grey thing and I played.
Daily I walked to the studio taking different routes to explore the fantastic fall gardens. There is so much colour in fall!!! And the weather has been so spectacular! I oogled the bushes of chrysanthemums, I drooled over daisies and berries and sunflowers. Until mid-October there was even honeysuckle to inhale. I cheered in the sunshine and bright blue sky. I even became a fan of red for the first time ever. How could I not have liked red before?
From these walks I meandered to the studio where I ignored everything except playing with glass. Oh the luxury of just playing. And it was a colour soaked playtime. I experimented with new brands of glass, some successful some not so much. I tried new techniques. Sometimes I just made pretty patterns on my table.
And today I opened my front door to discover the colour was not there. The leaves have almost gone. The sky was grey. My studio is bare, all is packed up to go to a show. My car is full of boxes waiting to explode into my booth in Ottawa and the table is empty.

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