why i obsess about weather

when the alarm went off yesterday morning i lay there for a minute listening. i was listening for the pitter patter of rain drops yet there was silence. the weather channel forecast 60% chance of thunderstorms, some of them violent yet all i heard were birds. i checked the weather again (this i do at least 5 times a day) and saw those oh so familiar ominous bright splotches on the radar. damn. the thunderstorms were heading east and i was heading west and we appeared to be on a collision course. i made it to the show in elora as the sky got blacker and i had just enough time to erect my tent and stuff everything inside before all hell broke loose. it was a deluge of biblical proportions. it was definitely a time when i questioned my career choice. for all of those who visit craft shows (always at 3 p.m. when it’s sunny) and think “wow, this is so much fun, i’d love to do this” you should come with me one morning at 6 a.m. and stand under a firehose trying to hold down a tent. the rain cleared by mid-morning and by noon all was well again. oh, except for the wind. wind is a crafters enemy, paintings go flying, displays tip over, postcards are airborne. a full glass necklace is safe until the wind hits 80 km per hour, at that point it’s airborne (that’s another story). thank god for duct tape and bungee cords. anyway, i made it through and had a lovely weekend, that is not my tent in the photo. not all were so lucky, bet you didn’t know steel could bend like that.

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