Of course you already know that because you’re here reading this.

Well, what do you think of my new virtual home? Send comments please!

I’ve been meaning to get around to this for ages and ages and ages. It takes a long time to revamp 12 years of stories and photos and other stuff. I still have oodles of photos to add, stories to write and details to be fine tune. All in good time.

When I first began Sailorgirl the site was sailing only as at the time I had never made a glass bead or even a single piece of jewelry. In 2001 I quit my job to sail away to Cuba for 4 months and had ideas that maybe I could make a living somehow from this website. It was one of those “jumping into the unknown” moments in my life, I had no idea where it would lead but I trusted that it would be somewhere fun. For someone who had never thought of herself as a creative person, this is not where I imagined I would end up. And now I can’t imagine doing anything else!

I LOVE what I do!!!

Who knew you could make a life and a living from sailing and making glass beads? Ha!

Until now I’ve kept the sailing side and the jewelry side of this website quite separate. If those 2 sides can mix into my crazy life then they can mix on my website too. If you’re looking for a recipe for key lime pie, or a pair of earrings in a delicious lime colour, you can get both here. And learn how to trim a spinnaker at the same time. How’s that for fun?

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