Sailorgirl Catherine
My goal is to live an inspired, adventurous, creative life.

I love sailing. I spend a couple of months every year on my small white sailboat in warm waters. I make glass beads. I design and sell jewelry with my glass beads. I ride my bike everywhere.
Once upon a time I rode my bike around Ireland. I’m learning Spanish (it’s been 20 years). I love to cook.
I believe every meal should be garnished. I’m a cat girl. I like pretty coloured fish and birds. I love flowers. Hanging out in coffee shops watching the world go by is one of my favourite pastimes. Blue and green should always be seen. I have a weak spot for bonnet dramas on the BBC. I love radio plays, audiobooks and podcasts. My toenails are painted bright metallic blue. I’m a sun bunny. I was born in New Zealand, moved to Australia, and immigrated to Canada when I was 11. I love vegemite on toast. If I had 2 heads, 4 hands and never slept I still wouldn’t get everything done on my list. I love small business. I can never have enough colour around me.