A Political Statement

Sailorgirl refuses to make one. This is a site for cruising, sharing information and telling adventure tales, not for politics. The only comment I will make is that nothing is black and white and nothing is simple.

The battle between the USA and Cuba exists between governments and not between the people. We found no anti-American sentiments and our American friends were welcomed as warmly as we were.

As Canadians, there are no restrictions on travel to Cuba. However since we left from American waters we did require permission from the US Coast Guard. This is a routine formality which we complied with. Most, but not, all cruisers do. Fax a request to the US Coast Guard at 305-415-6925 (NOTE: this number has changed since Calder’s book was published) and request a Permit to Depart During a National Emergency. They’ll fax you a form, you’ll fax it back, and they’ll fax you permission within 48 hours. Nobody ever looked at this form again.

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