Highlights of Bahamas 2007

Never a dull moment in Nassau harbor. This is a Haitian moving boat/freighter. They sail up from Haiti, load the boat until it’s about to sink and then sail home. They haven’t an engine so the little yellow speed boat pushes them up the harbor as it’s directly into the wind and 3 knot current. Once clear of the anchorage full of multi-million dollar yachts the Haitian smack heads off. Did I mention they had an open wood fire on the deck for cooking? Never again will I complain of my small galley.

Spanish Wells, Eleuthra. Stunning. Gorgeous. Fabulous. Love it. It has quirks. Like a gas station. Why would a gas station be a quirk? Because the island is only 5 miles long. And full of cars, big expensive American cars. That’s because Spanish Wells has money galore. The majority of the men (man being defined as a male over 16) work on the lobster boats and make buckets of money. Money is hard to spend on a dry island with only a couple of stores and even those close on Sunday. Most people get around on golf carts, some of which are fabulously done up, like the Nascar flame paint job. Friday night we were sitting quietly on the boat staring into space with a glass of wine in hand. We hear it coming before we see it, the BOOM BUBBA BOOM BUBBA BOOM of a ghetto blaster. Coming round the corner by the marina are a group of teenager cruising around in Daddy’s… golf cart.

Eleuthra used to be the pineapple capital of the Bahamas. Smaller, but sweet sweet or so I’m told. Now they’re mainly just decorative in front yards.

Walk to the end of the street and fall onto the beach. Spanish Wells. I was stolling around looking at the nicely landscaped yards when I found this. Nice brain coral, I thought, nice conch shell, nice … um… turtle skull. Just for reference my sandal is a size 9.

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