Provisioning Wisdom

Recently a fellow cruiser asked me how I would provision differently on the next extended voyage. I have to say, not very. With lots of practise I am really good at calculating how many pounds of pasta we need for several months. There’s only one item that springs to mind.

Dental floss.

The problem with those little white packs is that you can’t see how much is left. So even if you take four packs, you might be taking four almost empty packs which will run out the moment you are out of sight of land. I know this from experience. In the grand scheme of life this is not a major catastrophe (although the American Dental Association will disagree). Life goes on. And in the spirit of cruising you can always improvise. Take it from this sailorgirl, 4 pound fishing test is better than cotton thread if desperate.

The point of the dental floss is that it’s a tiny luxury and luxuries can make the difference between feeling like you’re camping and regular living. Too often when provisioning we get so caught up in making sure we have all the necessities that we forget to stash treats. Or we think only of edible treats, like a favourite chocolate bar. (I NEVER run out of chocolate). Taking along items that may not be absolute necessities will weigh the boat down, take up valuable storage space and improve morale 1000% on a tough day. So as you’re making your lists, and keeping an eye on weight, go ahead and slip in some silly little frivolous items. It just might stave off a mutiny.

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