Things to do at Fort Jefferson

  1. Snorkel the Windjammer wreck off Lighthouse Key.
  2. Listen to the nesting calls of 100,000 sooty terns on Bush Key.
  3. Drift in your dinghy over several dozen sleeping sand sharks.
  4. Wait for the fishermen to arrive at the anchorage and play the trading game.
  5. Beat the Olympic gold medal swim time after you come face to face with a 6 foot 700 pound Jewfish.
  6. Take the Rangers candlelight tour of the fort after sunset.
  7. Follow the day trippers and get a free guided tour.
  8. Walk for miles along the deserted beaches of Lighthouse Key, find 2 abandoned beach chairs and stare into space for a few hours.
  9. Put on a clean shirt, mingle with the day trippers and join them at their free lunch buffet. (daily at 11:30 am)
  10. Join your fellow cruisers on the beach with a pitcher of something tasty, watch the sunset and think about how good life is.

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