Things to do While Waiting

So the weather isn’t cooperating. Hmm… what to do?

There’s always a bit of fishing… The Pirate Guy snagged us a mighty tasty Red Grouper one day.

We named him Fred the Red. 24″ of tasty lunch and dinner. Mmmmm… That leads to more amusement, gutting lunch!

Try cruising around for a daysail.

We’re waiting for our window in Biscayne Bay. One day we go daysailing and come across the World Star Class Races. Awesome!!!

 There’s always the fun game of Spot The Cheap Boat For Sale.
 Go for a walk on a beach…
If you get bored of sitting, decide to go somewhere else, somewhere you can get to with the weather conditions. Can’t get to the Bahamas, try the ICW in Florida…

Make friends with the natives… like the Garbage Pig of Cayo Costa.

Of course there’s always the old cruisers standby, pour yourself a sundowner, sit in the cockpit and watch the sunset.

You get where you get even if it’s not where you expected to go. Life is good.

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