a guide to chain lengths

Customers have been asking for ages for a really long chain, like you see in all the magazines. So I sourced out some really nice 36″ long chains. Wow, 36″ is really long! I found that for me it is too long, mainly because I ride my bike everywhere and 36″ gets in the way. So I picked up some shorter ones, at 30″. I showed a friend, someone who dabbles in making jewelry. When I put on the 30″ length to demonstrate we were surprised to feel like it was much shorter. Then I tried on all the different lengths and had her guess. Turns out we weren’t great at judging lengths. And if we 2, who do this all the time don’t know the length of a chain, I’m thinking that most of you won’t know which chain you might want.

So here is a guide to chain length on a real person, me. I am 5’7″ and a very average build.

chain lengths by sailorgirl jewelry

If I were to wear a small pendant with a tee-shirt, I would wear a 16″ chain because I like them high. Sometimes I wear an 18″. The most common size chain choice is 18″. For bigger pendants that I want to wear on top of clothing, I wear a 24″. For the longer look (and for all my Bubble pendants) I wear a 30″. I am currently crushing on the 30″ chains, they rock!

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