and the november 2015 winner is…

nov 15

Oh that was a bad idea. We talked candy, Halloween candy. The past month with my 3 huge holiday shows was a tough one and a sugar fuelled one. Perhaps we should have talked about veggies because with all that sweet talk I might have over indulged a bit. Who can help it when there are Halloween kisses, and toffee (I do love a good toffee) along with all sorts of chocolate. Many of you wrote in about candy that I’d forgotten about so of course I had to renew my aquaintance. Oh well, there’s time for veggies now.

In the meantime, the November winner is Daria! (even though her favourite Halloween candy is peanut butter cups which I admit I am not a fan of because in my opinion peanut butter belongs on toast). Daria gets a pair of earrings, her choice!

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