April Winner!

Donna Kay, it’s your lucky day! (hey, how fitting to create a rhyme, did you know that April is National Poetry month?)

Donna has won my April draw for the Snow Queen ring necklace. Thank you to everyone for answering my shipping poll. Apparently everyone like the free shipping option so my shipping policy remains as it is. Free shipping using regular mail with Canada Post, currently orders within Ontario take 5 -12 business days). All orders over $150 will automatically by upgraded to Xpresspost (2 day guaranteed). If you’ve left your shopping until the last minute you can purchase a shipping upgrade to Xpresspost.

One of my suggestions was to use carrier parrots. Stephanie pointed out that parrots won’t be very happy delivering jewelry in Canada in January and that I use Canada geese instead. An excellent option. While they aren’t nearly as colourful as parrots I could knit them some lovely little blue and green sweaters.
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