December 2015 giveaway!

the world is your oyster necklace by sailorgirl jewelry


As always at this time of year, I’m beginning my annual review. I look at what happened this year and I dream of what I want to happen in the upcoming year. It’s a time of reflection and pondering, in between holiday treats. One thing I love about my business is that it’s a lot about dreams and possibilities. 12 years ago if you had told me that I’d be where I am I would have said you were crazy. And yet here I am.

So in the spirit of dreaming big and seizing all possibilities this month I am giving away my one of my most popular pieces, the World is Your Oyster necklace. 

To enter the giveaway: leave a comment on the blog here and say hi! That’s it, just say hello.

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26 Responses to “December 2015 giveaway!”
  1. Wendy says:

    Hello, beautiful! Ciao, bella! Bonjour, ma belle!

  2. Susanne Bragaw says:

    LOVE your creative designs and inspiring ingenue! Every time I browse the shop, I get lost in the tranquility that is your jewelry. Handcrafted with care and devotion. I have The World is Your Oyster necklace and it is delicate, beautiful and reminds us of hope. :)

  3. Loria K says:

    Hi Catherine – so lovely to see you at the One of a Kind show in Toronto! I brought a friend and we both indulged our jewelry obsession at your booth! I love travelling the world (I’ve visited 28 countries), and would love to win this gorgeous necklace in your December giveaway!

  4. Valerie Durant says:

    Have wonderful Christmas and thanks for another amazing year… see you at Kew Gardens in June…

  5. Sandy says:

    Hello Hello Hello!

  6. Wendy says:


  7. Pat says:

    The world is full of beautiful beaches…. with fish…forever!

  8. Julie Ann Hastie says:

    Enjoyed chatting with you at OOAK and bringing home my Fire Opal Necklace. Must email you about my other request. Would love to win The World Is My Oyster for my daughter. I love mine.
    Merry Christmas
    Julie Ann

  9. Marilyn Prole says:

    Hello Catherine, I love your jewellery!

  10. Pam says:

    Hello!!! I LOVE the December giveaway … it’s the item I stare at longingly when it’s at shows:) I am a travel junkie so I feel like it’s calling my name!

  11. Cindy says:

    Happy Holidays to you, Catherine. Looking forward to seeing you at the Beaches Arts and Crafts Show.

  12. Jacqueline says:

    Merry Christmas and happy sailing!

  13. LMacL says:

    Thanks for brightening dreary December days!

  14. Suzanne Smith says:

    Hello and Merry Christmas! Wishing you health, peace and joy in 2016.

  15. Sandra Cendach says:

    Hello! I bought the World is Your Oyster necklace for my oldest daughter. All three of my daughters said it was the best present I ever gave! I would love one myself!

  16. Elizabeth says:

    Hola Senorita !!!

  17. Tobyn says:

    Hi! Wishing you good winds and happy sailing! The world is your oyster⛵️

  18. Leesa says:

    Another year! How they fly!!

  19. Suzanne Wheeler says:

    HELLO! How you doin?

  20. Patsy says:

    I get a compliment every time I wear a piece of Sailor Girl jewelry.

  21. Patti says:

    Hello! Merry Christmas. I absolutely love this necklace! Gorgeous.

  22. Rosie Schwartz says:


  23. dapria williams says:

    Hello, this is such a beautiful necklace my sister would admire it.

  24. Sandra says:

    Hello! I absolutely LOVE my fire opal necklace and earrings I got at OOAK! Thinking I may have to get the new long fire opal/silver ring necklace you just started making. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  25. Nancy Watson says:

    Wished I could have seen you at the One Of A Kind show. Unfortunately I was looking after my daughter in Lethbridge and helping with my grandchildren. She totally tore her Achilles tendon!!! I love my World is my Oyster necklace and wanted to get some for each of my granddaughters, so far 3. They need to know the great meaning in this piece of art.
    Enjoy your sailing and Merry Christmas

  26. KT says:

    Just received my custom wine charms. LOVE them! Thanks for being open to trying something new and different.

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