may 2016 giveaway

may 16 giveaway

My brain is about to explode!!! There is so much colour swirling in my head! Everywhere I go I see colour combinations, purple pansies with black centres, green leaves against blue sky, red peppers with white cauliflower. It’s everywhere and I love it!

Here’s where I need your input. What colour combinations are you craving this spring? What would make your heart sing and your feet dance? Navy and robins egg blue? Teal and raspberry? Name your favourite colours!

The prize for May is a pair of polka dot earrings in the colour combination of your choice!

To enter the giveaway: leave a comment on the blog post HERE tell me what colour combinations you want me to make.

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16 Responses to “may 2016 giveaway”
  1. Jacqueline says:

    Hot pink and lime green!

  2. Wendy says:

    Deep pink and bright orange, or deep pink and aqua. I’m loving all the bright colours of spring too – and I have discovered that I really quite like wearing pink (who knew!?!) so I’ve been playing with different colour dot combinations and I am finding that pink goes with just about everything! :)

  3. Suzanne Wheeler says:

    Turquoise and Purple…..

  4. Barb keenan says:

    I love orange and navy or navy and orange

  5. Kathleen Olden-Powell says:

    Welcome back! My spring colour combo is chartreuse (I hope that’s the right shade of green: it’s that gorgeous shade of trees just starting to bud) and the blue of grape hyacinth: each is so evocative of spring and so welcome after the brown and grey of winter!
    Take care,

  6. Pat says:

    Orange and yellow. Xox. Sunshine and fun.

  7. Jennifer Miklasz says:

    Light and bright pink!

  8. Allie says:

    Navy nautical blue and red…..with touches of white. I’m pure Canadian but this colour combination is pure boating, marine pleasure!

  9. It’s Maryanne from Brighton. I always see you at the Cobourg Waterfront Festival. I love Spring/Summer colors and always try to wear them during the winter too. My color choices are the beautiful pristine Caribbean turquoise waters which I know you are very familiar with and frosty lime. BTW I was wearing my turquoise & green necklace and earrings at my store the other day and when a customer complimented me on them I said well they are “Sailor Girls” and to go to the Cobourg Waterfront Festival.See you there.Take care. Maryanne :)

  10. Allie says:

    I must add another…..water blue, beach sand and white clouds. OMG! Divine.

  11. Kristen Ferris says:

    Can’t wait to see all of you new creations this month.
    I love turquoise and lime green – happy happy colours!

  12. Mary Ellen Martin says:

    Bright blue and purple!!

  13. Jan McGrath says:

    A vibrant turquoise ( not light or dark but a clear Caribbean knock your socks off dreamy turquoise) and hot coral.

    Can’t wait to see you again at the Goderich show. I have a nice collection of your pieces and they include, the pearl birdies nest, matching miniature silver bird, I always wear them together. I also have a gorgeous turquoise large pennant and a lovely turquoise and mostly lime green beautiful bracelet. Last summer I purchased a pretty silvery white bracelet and I was thinking about getting a necklace that is kind of abstract. It had huge gum ball sized orange glass balls and they were hung intermittently on wavy, kind of scalloped silver sections. At the time, I was hoping that you would have the same necklace only in bright red. Since then I have kicked myself for not getting the orange one. When you come this year , please bring a red and an orange one, I will be happy to get either one and if you have two of them in thoise colours, I may splurge and get both of them.
    Have a great time creating your new pieces. I will see you in Goderich for sure. Bye for now, Jan

  14. Kim Hayes says:

    Violet and Blue-Green please.

  15. Kristine says:

    papaya orange swirled with snorkel blue and white

  16. Jane Chevous says:

    I’m really enjoying the soft greens, purples and yellows a British spring but I’m missing the hot colours of our sailing home on Mexico. So my heart would dance to sea turquoise and coral.

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