one down, 17 to go…
first show of the season done! checked off the list! and i didn’t forget anything major! not like the time that i got to a show, set up the booth and then realized that i’d left the jewelry at home…

the first show is always the hardest, getting my brain back in show mode, trying to remember where stuff goes, trying to figure out what stuff i’ve got. add in an economy that is “challenging” and it’s a crap shoot.

it turned out that i have a lot of work and i mean a lot. in my studio i just keep making it and when it’s made i put it in a baggie in a drawer. it’s only when i get to a booth and display it all that i realize oh my god i have gone overboard again… i may need to start renting bigger booths just to show it all. and yet there’s so many more ideas in my tiny head that i must make more and more and more.

then there’s the question of what do you want this year? every year is different, a different colour, a different style. i just never know. apparently this year is the orange year. i sold out. by noon on saturday. i will make oodles of orange for the beaches show this saturday. i like orange i’m happy it’s selling, it’s like playing with liquid sun.

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