random acts of happiness begins!

RAH begins today

Oh the stuff I have! So much stuff! After 11 years of creating I am overwhelmed with stuff. Odd and ends and bits and bobs. Just stuff. There’s single beads that don’t have mates, there’s beads from colour themes that I no longer make. There’s experiments that I liked but didn’t continue. There’s experiments that well, aren’t quite what I expected. There is just oodles and oodles of stuff that is seriously cluttering up my life and work space.

From this stuff I have decided to create a bunch of work called the Random Acts of Happiness. A Random Act of Happiness is a one off piece of jewelry. My goal is to use only what I currently have, beads that I have made and silver hanging out. As a one off this is exactly that, it’s a one time only. Usually when I make work (especially for work that will be listed online) I try to make things that I can reproduce a few times, more or less. There will always be some slight differences as that’s the beauty of handmade. I also fit work within colour stories or themes. This is something I’ll be focusing on much more this year, the storyline behind each series. (stay tuned for this).

With the RAHs (random acts of happiness) these are just one off items that spoke to me from within the pile of materials. They will have their own section in the online shop and will change as often as I can make them. As one off pieces, once they are gone, that’s it.

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