vamos a Spain!!!

i seriously LOVE spain. cobblestone streets, tile lined bars, tumblers of deep rich red wine, heaped plates of olives, jacaranda trees in full bloom, dark eyes, intense sun, walls of bouganvillea, 12′ wooden doorways that lead to glimpses of cool green courtyards, wailing minor chords of a gypsy flamenco singer with muffled palmas accompanying, staccato heelwork of dancers, loud sharp gutteral, salty jamon serrano with a cold fino in a cave like bar, ancient stone churches, moorish castles full of gilt tileswork…

not that i’m going back to spain, not right now. but some of my jewelry is! there’s a part of me in every piece i make so when my jewelry goes around the globe my spirit goes too.

are you taking your sailorgirl jewelry somewhere fun?

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